Jamaican Nightmares

Jamaican Nightmares

by Delroy G. James

Book Cover: Jamaican Nightmares
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 7.99

A compilation of five short nightmarish stories that took place across Jamaica.

Publisher: FiWEH Entertainment LLC.
Cover Artists:

The Spiral Paradigm

The glowing measures of the heart expand upon the figments of one’s imagination because love is an unending emotion that vies for one’s attention but never seems to satisfy one’s desire for happiness.  


Julius stood outside the community fair, admiring the collaborations that went into putting it together. He was a member of the committee that planned the event and he was feeling proud because the attendees seemed to enjoy themselves. He was there with his wife and daughter, who was off somewhere enjoying the fruits of his labor. Julius was a man who never thought of himself as someone who wants more than he had. His life seemed fulfilled in every way possible. Julius had a job he enjoyed, family life was great, he had healthy friendships that helped to bring an outstanding balance in his life. He was not a man of excitement.  He was a simple man who enjoyed simple things.  

He decided to walk around the compound to see if everything was going well. As he moved among the crowd his eyes came across a woman standing alone in front of the cotton candy vendor. She didn’t seem like she was buying anything and she wasn’t particularly doing anything interesting.  But for some strange reason, Julius seemed drawn to her.  He couldn’t help staring at her because she was in his direct line of sight. As he came close to her, he had the urge to say something, but before he could utter a word, she beat him to the punch.  

“Hi,” the woman said while looking at him, “enjoying the fair?”


About the Author

Delroy is a Jamaican-born author who grew up in a small rural town called Anchovy in St. James, Jamaica. He served in the U.S. Military for 16 years as a Business Management Analyst. He also worked as an editor for FiWEH Life online magazine, publishing several articles on politics, social commentary and entertainment. His ideas on social, political, and economic structures, delved deep into our approach to life with the magnitudes of barriers placed before us.

Delroy grew up religious, but as an adult, he stopped practicing organized religion for decades because of the ideologies described in the book. Although the story is fictional, the implications have real-world consequences within our modern society. He now resides in Guam where he continues to write for FiWEH Life and work on several writing projects.

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