Delroy G. James

Delroy is a Jamaican-born author who grew up in a small rural town called Anchovy in St. James, Jamaica. He served in the U.S. Military for 16 years as a Business Management Analyst. He also worked as an editor for FiWEH Life online magazine, publishing several articles on politics, social commentary and entertainment. His ideas on social, political, and economic structures, delved deep into our approach to life with the magnitudes of barriers placed before us.

Delroy grew up religious, but as an adult, he stopped practicing organized religion for decades because of the ideologies described in the book. Although the story is fictional, the implications have real-world consequences within our modern society. He now resides in Guam where he continues to write for FiWEH Life and work on several writing projects.

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Books By Delroy G. James

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: Jamaican Nightmares
Jamaican Nightmares

Series: The Red Myths

Book Cover: The Red Myths
The Red Myths
Book Cover: Legends of the Past
Legends of the Past